Friday, March 21, 2014

God intends His own glory

I find myself not being able to leave Exodus 6 quickly. More specifically Exodus 6:6. My great God and Father has rescued me from my oppression and brought me into a place of freedom like I've never known. It is for true freedom that we are set free, and I now know what that looks and feels like and pray I never return to a place of discontent, fret, worry, stubbornness, (self) control. I could not have written thoughts more suited to my own feelings better than Matthew Henry:

We are most likely to prosper in attempts to glorify God, and to be useful to men, when we learn by experience that we can do nothing of ourselves; when our whole dependence is placed on Him, and our only expectation is from Him. Moses had been expecting what God would do; but now he shall see what he will do. God would now be known by his name Jehovah, that is, a God performing what He had promised, and finishing his own work. God intended their happiness: I will take you to me for a people, a peculiar people, and I will be to you a God. More than this we need not ask, we cannot have, to make us happy. He intended His own glory: Ye shall know that I am the Lord. These good words, and comfortable words, should have revived the drooping Israelites, and have made them forget their misery; but they were so taken up with their troubles, that they did not heed God's promises. By indulging discontent and fretfulness, we deprive ourselves of the comfort we might have, both from God's word and from his providence, and go comfortless.