Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas! I hope that your day was filled with good food, good presents, good family time, and the goodness of Jesus. After all, we are celebrating his birth. Without him coming to earth, we would not have the hope of heaven. It's hard these days to remember what Christmas is all about. In our culture, it's all about presents. I'm not gonna lie- I love me some good presents. But the purpose of Christmas is just a tangiblereminder of what Jesus has done for us. 
I'm so thankful that my sweet sister Jessica is home for the month of December. She's been living in Indonesia for the past year and a half, and I've only gotten to see her once
 in that time. Having her home has been a blessing. She brings out the good in me. She reminds me that life doesn't have to be so complicated, and that I don't need to stress out about everything. Having her here while we were all sitting around the Christmas tree, reading the Christmas story, just made my heart feel good. Last year's Christmas was weird, because neither Jessica or Nathan were here to be a part of it. This year, it felt like my family was back and that things were normal and good and the way they should be. I'll be sad to see her go back!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I started my new

Well, today was my first real day on the job. Monday we went through orientation ALL DAY- and as you can imagine, it was really long. As soon as I got home on Monday, my throat started hurting and I began to get sick (on my first day, really?!?). On Tuesday, I had to do a "store visit" with two other guys that started when I did. That was interesting...I learned how to mix paint colors, how to cut keys, how to run the register, how to put in orders for lumber etc for contractors...all stuff I have never done before. I had a fever all day, so it was hard to concentrate and really learn what some of the associates there do and how I can help them, but the store visit was fun.

Today, my first real day on the job. It was HARD to wake up this morning. Uh, i hate being sick. I made it to work, though. I met with Chris, one of my managers, and he took me around to meet some of the merchants (buyers) that I will be teamed up with. They all seem like great people. So far, I feel like the people here are what is going to make the job...and make it different and hopefully better. 

...Ready for me to act like a spoiled brat? ...I don't have a computer or phone yet (and probably won't for several weeks), JR (the other new guy on my team) and I are sitting on a different floor in a different building that the rest of our team so that will be a challenge to learn how to do my job when my team is somewhere else (and I can't call them, lol), and our cubes are short cubes that you can see and easily hear over. So, to say the least, I'm not so impressed yet. It's only the first day, I keep telling will get better. I'm sure it will get better. when you come to ask me "how are you liking your new job" I'm going to say "ask me again in about 5 or 6 months, and I'll have a real, legitimate, no fluff answer."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Atlanta: Home Sweet Home

So, last weekend, my precious dad helped me, ever so graciously pack up my whole house and moved me down to Atlanta. I moved here for a new job, with corporate Home Depot. I won't start until next week, though. 
I had only less than 5 days from hearing I got the job to get all of my crap boxed up. It was stressful, to say the least...and when I get stressed out, I someti
mes give up. There were a few days where I just didn't want to touch a box at all. Somehow, I made it through. After getting everything pack in the truck (see picture), reality hit. First of all, I'm not really sure how in the world everything fit on that truck. I kept questioning my dad when he said a 16 footer would definitely be enough room. When we got down to it, he said "we might have to leave a few things behind"...but after my protests, he was able to get everything on!

Driving away from Oakland Avenue in Charlotte brought tears to my eyes. I LOVED my neighbors- all of them- and we were all pretty close and hung out often. It made me sad that all of the good times were over, and that I would probably not see those people for quite awhile. It made me sad that I knew I probably wouldn't have another "I love my neighbors" situation for a long time to come. 
Nonetheless, I've started the journey, and I'm in my house in Atlanta. Please come visit! I have an extra to all my peeps in Charlotte that I will miss. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm Moving to HOTlanta

So, I just found out for sure that I got the job I wanted in Atlanta with Home Depot. I'll be working with the Inventory Planning and Replenishment team, managing the ordering of inventory for the different Distribution Centers. That means....drumroll please...that I'm moving to Atlanta is just a few days. 

I'm creating this blog, in the hopes to keep family and friends somewhat updated on what's going on in my life during this big change. I know that this is going to be an awesome opportunity and that I'll learn alot, both in my career and in life.