Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Presidential Opinion

It's been decided. Obama is our president. I would've been disappointed with either candidate, so I feel kind of indifferent. I was very tempted to write in "Karen Tabler for President" when I voted early, but I decided at the last minute to choose.

There were a lot of issues I thought about strongly this year. The last time I voted for a President, it was my senior year of college. I cared, but not deeply. Now, I'm a workin girl who wants every last minute of her paycheck to be in her wallet, but also wants people to be helped. I debated and debated (mostly against myself, but sometimes with others) about who to choose. It was difficult, because in general, it's assumed that if you're an evangelical christian you vote Republican. I think, as Christians, we should be involved in both parties, "striving to be the 'leaven' that permeates both parties with biblically based judgements and values".

For issues, such as abortion, human trafficking, poverty, and many more, Jesus clearly guides us on how to approach these throughout the Bible. I think members of both parties should lean on the never-changing truths and values that have been provided as guidance for us in the Bible. These issues should be nonpartisan issues AND bipartisan issues. It's clear, from yesterday's election that single-issue voting is over and the broader moral agenda is being sought by all sides. This election, no matter who should have won, has brought people together on the biggest moral issues of our time- even across old politically driven divisions. Now that there are "evangelical" christians on both side of the table, let's work together on a common ground, to help our country seek Jesus first, to seek God's agenda first.

I liked this paragraph from Jessi's blog yesterday. It brings it all home.

There are so many issues I'm passionate about when it comes to politics, but I'm not scared to go public and say - the issue of Jesus Christ is the only one I'm really willing to die for. He's the only one whose character I know and support, He is the only one who can fix this country - or this world for that matter. He appoints Kings and Rulers of this world, but He will always be the King and Ruler of my heart.Whatever happens tomorrow, He will still be in control. Whoever gets elected, I will pray for.

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