Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend with Jess

It was SO good to visit my sweet big sister this weekend. I arrived on Friday night, after a super smooth and quick flight to Philly. We grabbed some wonderful pizza at Peace a Pizza. The crust was yummy yummy! Then we picked up 2 of her friends, in the Ford Focus, to go to a halloween party. (Jess was psyched to have a car- with a radio. We were jammin out all weekend. It's beats the scoot anytime.) Once we picked up her two friends, we got lost for an hour and a half. Poor girl, she never drives far, since she has the scoot, and so therefore she doesn't know her way around anything past 5 miles from her house, lol. We finally got to the party, but most everyone had left. It was still fun to meet most of her grad student friends. They were super nice.
Saturday she had to write a terribly hard paper, so I just kinda sat around and explored Wayne, PA. BUT, Saturday night we went to see Coldplay. Top 5 concert ever. Chris Martin is HOT HOT HOT! LOVE him! We had a good dinner, and a good concert. What could be better?
Sunday we got to visit with sweet Sarah's siter, Krista. We walked along the Schukyill River (sp?) and took lots of pictures (still need to be edited). We walked for about 3 or 4 miles, so we definitely got our exercise in for the day. Enough exercise to eat a great big Philly Cheesesteak. From Genos? No...but just as good.
Here's a few pictures to enjoy.

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